Installing Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Insulation Vancouver, BC Homes & Businesses

Westcor Thermal installs both residential and commercial spray foam throughout Western Canada provinces. We typically use Sprayfoam Insulation Vancouver of 2 lb and ½ lb spray polyurethane foam. This eco-friendly insulation uses less energy than fiberglass during manufacturing and further reduces your energy consumption. Also, this technology happens to promote environmental responsibility. It can be used for new and existing structures, and it is commonly used in retrofit applications. Thus, it is safe to say that the Spray foam Insulation Vancouver technology provides insulation as well as an air and vapour barrier from external influences.

Our Spray foam Insulation Vancouver installers are certified by the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association (CUFCA). so, now, you have more reasons to invest in this technology that has been surpassed.

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How It Works

Spray polyurethane foam is a 2 component system, manufactured on site. It is pumped through pressurized spray nozzles to achieve the best coverage at the specified depth. Immediately after it is applied, the Spray foam Insulation Vancouver product expands to form an insulation barrier. Sprayfoam Vancouverpolyurethane insulation fills the smallest cracks and seams, creating a durable, water-proof insulation.

Thus, it is really easy for the application to occur once there is enough expertise on the end of the technician. We work by first using the efficient Spray foam Vancouver technology to insulate the various parts that are difficult to reach. That way, the formulation covers deeper areas that cannot be covered through manual insulation material application.

Once the Spray foam Vancouver is placed on the extreme end, it can be spread evenly layer after layer.

Our Sprayfoam Vancouver features

At Westcor Thermal we are very proud to introduce the best of everything:

Over the top  experienced experts

Smooth process of application

Before and after cleanup

Pocket-friendly rates

100% authentic  services

Helpful and cordial customer service incharge.

With the Sprayfoam Insulation Vancouver services from a long-standing company such as the Westcor Thermal, you are in safe hands!

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