Leaders in Structural Protection for Jobs of Any Size Leaders in Structural Protection for Jobs of Any Size Leaders in Structural Protection for Jobs of Any Size

Exceeding Industry Standards

We specialize in a variety of insulation types on floor and roof assemblies, joists and columns. Also, we spray fire proof insulate for steel beams. Our insulation process acts as the adhesive to cement these assemblies together.


Hard-to-Insulate Project Solutions

Application of a glass fibre spray for the use in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential projects such as multi-unit housing across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Thermal Insulation

Acoustically Superior Spaces

Reduce excessive noise while improving ambient sound quality with a spray-applied acoustic treatment for schools, auditoriums, concert halls, and churches.

Acoustic Application


Spray foam Insulation has a low energy consumption rate. That is because it, unlike the fiberglass technology promotes environmental responsibility and has a low energy consumption rate during manufacturing.

Spray Foam

Bring Your Building Up to Code

Seal electrical penetrations and prevent the spread of fires with high-quality firestopping solutions from Westcor Thermal.


Westcor Thermal: Trusted Insulation Vancouver, Western Canada

When it comes to fireproofing, no decision should be taken lightly. Your choice of contractor is as important as your fireproofing plans. That’s why when choosing high-quality sprayfoam, thermal proofing and fire insulation, you should choose Westcor Thermal. We’ve served BC, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon for over 15 years. Our staff and sub-contractors are experienced leaders in the industry, and we run our business on the basis of completing the work correctly and safely the first time, every time. Let us show you our commitment to our customers by helping make your building safe with our Monoglass solutions.

Insulation for All Applications

When you need insulation, fireproofing or acoustic treatment installed, trust the professionals at Westcor Thermal. We specialize in:

  • Fireproofing: We provide a range of fireproofing insulation types, including mineral fiber spray, intumescent spray, wet mix plaster, medium density fireproofing and exterior grade fireproofing
  • Thermal Insulation: our thermal insulation is ideal for a variety of surfaces and tight spaces that are too difficult to insulate with traditional insulation materials
  • Acoustic Application: this spray-applied fiberglass based insulation absorbs sound and conforms to any surface configuration for a seamless and aesthetic application
  • Spray Foam: spray polyurethane foam provides both insulation and an air/vapour barrier making it a superior insulation product that can be used for new and existing structures to reduce energy consumption
  • Firestopping: we will review the types and quantity of penetrations in your building and install a suitable firestopping application to prevent fire and smoke from spreading

Committed to Safety

Westcor Thermal has the best safety track record in the industry, with zero lost-time incidents since 2016. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe, healthy working environment for our staff and the public. Our applicators are fully trained and certified, and we use a complete array of equipment including powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) and supplied air respirators to ensure the highest level of safety. All sub-contractors are also required to comply with our safety policies, so you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.

Our Brands

We are very proud to introduce the latest in sprayfoam techniques that allow for the conservation of energy and use the following brands to ensure you receive the highest-quality installation:.

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