Concrete Lifting & Void Foam Vancouver

At Westcor Thermal, our polyurethane foam systems can be used for a variety of jobs. The foam can be used for leveling, foundation repair, infrastructure remediation, erosion control, pipeline trench breakers, mine reclamation or concrete lifting in Surrey. Our slab jacking team not only offers these high quality products, but also our experience and expertise guidance. We can provide on-site technical support for your projects to answer any questions and help you with application planning. Call us today to learn more about our concrete lifting products.

2.5 Foam
Our 2.5 foam is specifically designed for residential concrete lifting. This foam has 2.5 lbs per cubic foot density, reacts quickly and has less spread. This product allows for more control during the lifting of concrete slabs in your driveway, patio, pool deck, sidewalks and more. That way, there can be minimal injuries and diminished risks of concrete lifting accidents. Your security is our priority.

3.5 Foam
This 3.5 lbs per cubic foot density foam is made specially to complete slab jacking projects. It is perfect for use in residential slab lifting and industrial applications. This specially designed 3.5 foam is also hydrophobic which means it can still react in water and not succumb to poor weather conditions at all!

Ditch Break Foam
Our ditch break foam was designed and formulated to use in back fill and void foam filling application. There is great need to fill in a material other than soils or sandy back-fill. We most often use this foam in the oil and gas industry when breakers need to be constructed quickly for pipelines. It is also great for use in any project where time and lasting durability are of primal importance.

Be it our void foam application or any other technology, at, we believe in providing our customers the best kind of services. From world class items to the finest team of experts out there to help you, we are an ideal service provider. Think quality, think!

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