Spray Fireproofing Vancouver Services To Keep Your Building Safe

Westcor Thermal specializes in spray fireproofing for steel beams, roof and floor assemblies, columns and joists in both industrial and commercial environments. We use A/D fireproofing Vancouver Systems as well as Grace Construction products to ensure quality installations that exceed industry standards and requirements for fireproofing. As a specialist in Fireproofing in Victoria, we provide the following types of fireproofing:

Mineral Fibre Spray

Mineral fibre spray fireproofing refers to a product that is air conveyed in a dry state to a nozzle where water is added prior to the application to the substrate. Composed of rock-wool fibers mixed with a cement-based binder, mineral fiber fireproofing can be applied to interiors and exteriors, including wall assemblies, metal cladding, structural steel columns, beams, open web steel joists, and metal decks for the appropriate fire resistance rating, making it the best solution for Fireproofing in Victoria.

Mineral fibre spray fireproofing Vancouver

Intumescent Spray

Intumescent coatings allow steel structures to be exposed rather than boxed in with drywall and still adhere to building code fire protection requirements. The thin-film coating can be coloured using a decorative topcoat. It can be applied to interiors such as in libraries, schools and hospitals, and to the outside of industrial buildings, airports, and ships.

Wet Mix Plaster

Cementitious fireproofing is a versatile fireproofing solution that can be used in the insulation of structural members in the event of a fire. The wet mix plaster substance of fireproofing, made using a base of cement or gypsum, can be applied to steel for a fire resistance rating for both restrained and unrestrained classifications.

Medium Density, High Resistance Fireproofing

Medium density spray fireproofing is stronger, harder and more durable than other fireproofing methods, so it is generally applied to damage-prone areas. It can be used on interior exposed columns and braces, or specialized industrial or commercial applications.

Exterior Grade Fireproofing Vancouver

Exterior grade fireproofing products in Victoria are suitable for structural steel that is exposed to outdoor weather, as they are resistant to wind, rain, and freezing and thawing. Used for fire rating of structural steel, this product is designed to be used in a range of applications from rain and wind exposure to extreme cold with freezing and thawing.

offering Exterior grade fireproofing products for structural steel

If you would like more information about our fireproofing services and methods, contact us today We look forward to bringing our expertise to your project.

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