Firestopping and Sealing for Electrical Penetrations

Unprotected or improperly protected electrical penetrations can allow fire and smoke to spread rapidly. These openings allow fire to travel between rooms easily, and can be one of the major reasons a fire gets out of control.

Openings include:

  • Electrical through-penetrations
  • Mechanical through-penetrations
  • Structural through-penetrations
  • Unpenetrated openings
  • Re-entries of existing firestops
  • Control or sway joints
  • Junctions between fire-resistance-rated wall or floor assemblies
  • “Head-of-wall” (HOW) joints, where non-loadbearing wall assemblies meet floor assemblies
Firestopping Applications

Firestopping is made up of fire-rated walls, floors or ceilings, cables or conduits that create penetrations in the fire-rated areas, and the materials used to seal these penetrations. The installers at Westcor Thermal will review the types and quantity of penetrations in your building and install a suitable firestopping application. We use A/D Fire Protection Systems, Hilti, 3M and PFP Partners products which exceed industry standards and requirements for firestopping.

Product Brands

To ensure your building is as safe as possible, ccall Westcor Thermal today. We provide assessments and are happy to work with you to create a customized solution for your space.

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